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A smart contract is created by writing the terms of an agreement between two parties directly into lines of code (a computer program). The code controls the execution of the contract, and all transactions are trackable and irreversible. The code of a smart contract replaces any third party that would be involved in the execution of a regular contract. It also allows you to track transactions and prevents the terms and conditions of the contract from being changed.

Depending on its complexity, developing and integrating a smart contract can cost between $55-70k which makes it impossible for small business to integrate with web3 without negatively affecting Cash flow

The Spark Network was designed to ease businesses into the Web3 world. We integrate Web3 solutions into the real world using trust-less secure automated computer programs. We simplify smart contracts by creating user-friendly websites everyone can access.
What is a Smart Contract

Custom Smart Contracts

Create your own Smart Contract with our Experts. Automate your business activities and manage finances with smart contracts Starting From R999
Custom Code
we create custom code for your business requirements.
Our custom Smart Contracts are flexible to fit your businesses needs
User friendly
User interfaces that can be easily used by anyone with access
We Secure & Audited Smart Contracts for your business security.
Our Contracts are decentralized and are controlled by users when they use them
Hybrid Business Model
Ownership, Transparency and Control are distributed to users.

Use Cases of Smart Contracts

The problem with generating cash flow is the high costs associated with it. For example, rental income is great cash flow, but the upfront costs of buying a rental property would not be easily accessible for many people. However, you can use crowdfunding to collect the funds. The only problem is it requires trust: in the listing as well as in the management of the funds. What if there was a trustless system that could raise funds for huge projects like rental properties? Where participants don’t need to trust each other or even know each other? Smart contracts make this possible. Deal moderators can be replaced by writing the terms of an agreement between two parties directly into lines of code.
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Buying goods on marketplaces can be tricky. Being able to verify the source of your goods and the previous owners would help fight online scams and corruption
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Ownership and control of an asset can be directly written into the smart contract code. Using Smart contracts, control of business operations and decisions can easily be distributed amongst the owners.
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Our vision of our near future

Hybrid Business

Control Ownership & Transparency

Connect to Web3

integrating real businesses with web3

We are building a world that is open, transparent, secure using smart contracts.

The Spark Network is a blockchain project that uses smart contracts to simplify, automate and make businesses transparent. We focus on integrating real businesses with the power of web3 technology to create a hybrid business model where ownership, transparency and control are distributed to users.