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Revolutionize Your Business with Spark Contracts
Spark Contracts is an all-in-one smart contract solution that simplifies the process of creating and deploying smart contracts for businesses of all sizes. With a user-friendly platform and pre-built smart contracts and templates, Spark Contracts makes it accessible for businesses without extensive blockchain knowledge or technical expertise. Our platform supports a wide range of use cases, including decentralized finance, supply chain tracking, real estate transactions, and secure medical records. We offer a range of subscription options to fit any budget, from a free plan to paid plans with advanced features and support. Sign up for Spark Contracts today and revolutionize the way you do business!


Smart Contract Tools

Smart Contract Builder Tool
Our open source smart contract builder tool makes creating smart contracts easy and efficient. It has a user-friendly interface and pre-built templates, so you don't need to be a blockchain expert to use it. Our tool can help you create contracts for various use cases, has built-in testing and debugging features and it is based on open-source technology, making it secure and reliable. It's the perfect solution for early stage founders looking to incorporate smart contracts into their business. What is a Smart Contract
Custom Smart Contracts
Our team can create special computer programs for your business, called smart contracts, that can make it run smoother and safer. We'll work with you to understand your needs and create a program that automatically enforces agreements and rules. These programs are secure and tamper-proof using blockchain technology, providing a clear record and building trust. Watch Use Case
Custom Smart Contracts
Smart contracts can automate execution of agreements, increase transparency and trust, reduce costs, and provide unparalleled security for early stage founders Create your own Smart Contract with our Experts. Automate your business activities and manage finances with smart contracts
pastedImage Trust and transparency
Smart contracts provide a tamper-proof record of all transactions, increasing transparency and trust, which is important for early stage founders as they are trying to build a reputation and establish trust with their customers and partners.
pastedImage Savings
Smart contracts can reduce costs associated with intermediaries and manual processes, which is important for early stage founders as they are trying to minimize expenses and maximize revenue.
pastedImage Automation
Smart contracts can automate the execution of agreements, reducing the need for intermediaries and increasing efficiency, which is important for early stage founders as they are often working with limited resources and need to make the most of them.
pastedImage Security
Smart contracts are built on top of blockchain technology, which offers unparalleled security and immutability, which is important for early stage founders as they are handling sensitive data and need to ensure that it is protected and kept private.
Pricing for all kind of businesses Create next-generation solutions for small business customers with pricing options that accommodate everyone.
Free We understand that the best way to find out if something works for you is by trying it out first—so we're giving you a chance to do just that! What's included
Full access to builder tool
Live chat support
Smart Contract Templates
Solidity code Download
Pay as you go Starting with the Basic plan at $9/month
Pay as you go is a payment method where you only pay for what you use. It's a great way to try out new services and only pay for what you need.
What's included
All features of FREE plan
5 Contract revisions
3 Contract Audits
Unlimited Code Downloads
Custom Create your own Smart Contract with our Experts. Automate your business activities and manage finances with smart contracts
What's included
All features of BASIC plan
Priority support
Smart Contract Consulting
Web 3.0 Business analysis

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Frequently asked questions
— What is a Smart Contract?
Smart contracts are computer programs that execute automatically when certain conditions are met, which means they're perfect for automating just about any business process. They're also transparent and tamper-proof, so they can be used to replace third parties that you might have relied on in the past with code that's open source and auditable by anyone who wants to check it out.
— How do smart contracts make businesses money?
Removing the middleman radically reduces costs, providing up to 8-10 times more profit for businesses.
— Why does your business need Spark Contracts?
By integrating with Spark Contracts, businesses can empower their customers with greater transparency, confidentiality and control. Use smart contracts to automate your business processes – from supply chain to shipping, management and more! The power of Web 3.0 combined with the practicality of traditional business models equals big benefits for everyone. Build your brand while transforming ownership and trust.
— Can I use smart contract without coding?
You don't need any prior experience with blockchain technology or Smart contracts in order to use our system! Spark Contracts makes it easy for you to build custom smart contracts for your business, and send them off into the world where they can automate your workflow and help you save money on third-party services.