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Spark Contracts FAQs

Smart contracts are computer programs that execute automatically when certain conditions are met, which means they're perfect for automating just about any business process. They're also transparent and tamper-proof, so they can be used to replace third parties that you might have relied on in the past with code that's open source and auditable by anyone who wants to check it out.
Removing the middleman radically reduces costs, providing up to 8-10 times more profit for businesses.
By integrating with The Spark Network, businesses can empower their customers with greater transparency, confidentiality and control. Use smart contracts to automate your business processes – from supply chain to shipping, management and more! The power of Web 3.0 combined with the practicality of traditional business models equals big benefits for everyone. Build your brand while transforming ownership and trust.
You don't need any prior experience with blockchain technology or Smart contracts in order to use our system! The Spark Network makes it easy for you to build custom smart contracts for your business, and send them off into the world where they can automate your workflow and help you save money on third-party services.